Darth's Linux rebirth.

Somewhere during mid 90s destiny wanted me to check out this thing called Linux. It was supposed to be similar to Solaris which I have been using at the time. During 1997 Debian Bo found its way into my hands and I installed it on a PC that my father had bought to serve as a cash register in our family grocery store. It had a 9 inch monochrome CRT with a rather unremarkable resolution. That year changed a lot in terms of my computing habits and I have been a proud Linux user until 2009 when Windows finaly became usable, in my opinion. Fast forward to 2021 I have started having frequent need to switch back to Linux. It took some time to re-adapt, but in the begining of 2024 my Windows usage is non-existent. Not that there is Windows hate involved, but quite the contrary. There is a lot of love for Linux involved and I truly believe that 2024 is going to be the year of (desktop) Linux for me.

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